Cutter Robot 3



SIMPLICITY AND SAFETY. Our Cutters of the ROBOT line have been manufactured in order to satisfy ever-increasing demands of the professional user. With their easiness in use, they are able to do all the necessary works in kitchen: homogenizing, crumbling, kneading, cutting and mincing. The respect of all the most severe laws on security is granted by 24 Volt low-tension controls, a mechanical brake lining, which is activated by the releasing
lever of the bowl lid and a safety micro-switch on the lid. Respecting all the general and specific hygienic laws, for the manufacturing of our cutters we use only stainless steel for bowl, tools and body. The lid is made of polycarbonate for food use. Power supply single phase 230 Volt, three-phase 230/400 Volt or three-phase 230/400 2 speeds motor.

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Cutter Robot


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