Stainless Steel Hot Food Display

Product Description

* Stainless steel netting sliding door
* Toughed curved glass, giving full view display.
* Overhead heating and illuminated by flourescent lamps.
* Removable cross bar.
* 30°C ~ 110°C thermostat control for wet operation with thermometer reading.
* Alternative choice for 65 mm or 100 mm food pan.

ModelProduct DimensionPacking DimensionCapacityPower Heater (w)Volt/Freq (V/Hz)Thermostat (°C)AMPWeight (Kg)Packing Volume (M³)
(L x W x H) (mm)(L x W x H) (mm)
HFD24-651355x615x7651500x795x9408 x ½” size pan 65mm2530220~240, 50/60hz30 ~ 11011731.12
HFD24-1001355x615x7651500x795x9408 x ½” size pan 100mm2530220~240, 50/60hz30 ~ 11011741.12
HFD25-651680x615x7651830x795x94010 x ½” size pan 65mm2540220~240, 50/60hz30 ~ 11011871.37
HFD25-1001680x615x7651830x795x94010 x ½” size pan 100mm2540220~240, 50/60hz30 ~ 11011891.37

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